Master $elling

In just three days, take your sales personnel from experienced to excellent with the proven curriculum of Master Selling; a training program designed to give the Comfort Advisor a strategic advantage at the kitchen table.

  • PROGRAM PRICE: $1,199
  • PREMIER DEALERS: $959 (20% savings)

Whether your sales personnel have 20 years in the field or two, Master Selling training has benefits for every skill level. Here’s what your Comfort Advisors will walk away with:

  • Sales Process: Learn proven techniques for closing the sale with step-by-step SCORE training.
  • Advanced Customer Education: Go beyond the products; educate the consumer on current HVAC trends and technology for a first-class buying experience.
  • Unique Selling Tactics: Stay competitive in the market; learn how to make your presentation unique with HVAC Learning Solutions’ exclusive training “competitive level of differentiation.”
  • Pricing Advice: Don’t lose your customer to sticker shock; handle pricing up front, with confidence.
  • Referral Retention: Learn how to expand and improve your referral building and lead management capabilities.

Master Selling Graduates Will Typically Improve Their Sales By 10%!


The average closing rate is 30 percent in the HVAC industry. Boost your closing rates and put value back in your leads – work with the experienced teachers of HVAC Learning Solutions.




2febAll DayMaster $elling - Miami ( Ft. Myers )Feb. 2 to Feb. 4, 2016(All Day: tuesday) 1850 Ortiz Ave, Ste 130, Fort Myers, FL 33905Lennox Facility
16febAll DayMaster $elling - DetroitFeb. 16 to Feb. 18, 2016(All Day: tuesday) Detroit, MILennox Facility
16febAll DayMaster $elling - CharlotteFeb. 16 to Feb. 18, 2016(All Day: tuesday) 6965-A North Park Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28216Lennox Facility
17febAll DayMaster $elling - PortlandFeb. 17 to Feb. 19, 2016(All Day: wednesday) 13101 SE 84th Ave Ste A, Clackamas, OR 97015Lennox Facility
17febAll DayMaster $elling- Miami ( Pompano )Feb. 17 to Feb. 19, 2016(All Day: wednesday) 1736 Park Central Boulevard, North Pompano Beach FL, 33064Lennox Facility
Course Outline
  • New Rules: Sales people need to be relevant with connected consumers
  • How to implement an emotional brand connection with customers
  • Why “gut instinct” is more powerful than ever when it comes to a buying decision
  • Selling “Why Us” in new and better ways
  • Handling price within 15 minutes of the call
  • Utilizing up-front pricing to deflate anxiety
  • Selling products beyond feature and function
  • People want simplicity: A simple, repeatable process for any salesperson
  • Accelerating trust using collateral that customers actually care about
  • Helping customers avoid buyer’s remorse
  • Resolving price and time conditions
  • Follow-up strategies that close jobs
  • Influencing customer behavior post-sale

Dealer ROI

  • Cost of a Lead = $400
  • Each Comfort Advisor gets about 400 leads a year. If closing rates change by 10%, that would mean an additional 40 sales per year.
  • Revenue from 40 sales will be at least $260,000
  • Cost of 40 Leads is $16,000, net of new revenue = $244,000
  • Class is paid for in less than one sale with improved Lead utilization
  • Marketing expense becomes less painful
Instructor’s Biography


Professional HVAC Business & Sales Instructor & Consultant Having coached, managed and trained hundreds of successful HVAC Businesses and Sales professionals over the past 23 years, Tom brings a unique and relevant perspective to Instructing, Coaching and Consulting. His mission of “Inspiring people to make tings happen” has served him and his clients well.

Matt Plughoff

With over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry, Matt Plughoff has been incredibly fortunate to partner with the HVACLS team since 2010. Matt is a contributing author of Master Selling, Service Sales Excellence, and Build a Salesperson curriculum. Matt challenges salespeople to think differently about market changes, implement an exciting new sales model, and to build better relationships with customers. His coaching style combines humor, research, and practical knowledge. He continually earns outstanding reviews from owners and salespeople alike. More importantly, the training clients that execute his recommendations become more profitable and purposeful. Matt is the owner of MAP Consulting, a boutique consulting company that designs world-class user experiences for businesses. He shares his research and thinking on his blog: Matt holds a M.A degree and is in the process of completing his doctorate degree.

Eric Andrews

Eric Andrews is an experienced and accomplished sales professional in the residential heating and air conditioning (HVAC) industry, currently residing in Dallas, TX. While attending California State University, Sacramento, Eric went to work as a part- time sales professional for a heating and air conditioning company in the area, not knowing it would turn into a long-term career path. His ability to succeed in this industry was quickly recognized by his company, manufacturers, and other well-respected individuals in the industry. His first year selling part-time was able to break over $1 million in total sales. In the 4 years to follow, he consistently sold $1.5 – $2 million in total sales, while also assisting others in the company do the same. Due to this, Eric quickly developed a passion for the industry and was able to be part of a very exciting growth of a company producing roughly $1 million total revenue to over $10 million total revenue in just five short years. This explosive growth and exciting journey for the company became something that Eric wanted to see others accomplish as well.

Michael Goater

The last 22 years Michael has been dedicated to the HVAC community. Starting out in Rochester, NY as a residential installation technician it wasn’t long before his talents and strengths led him into the wonderful world of in-home sales. With a tremendous passion for helping others, as well as his competitive nature, he dove in head first into researching and learning everything he could to be a top producer at one of the most premier HVAC organizations in the country.