Should you consider an HVAC dispatching tool?

An HVAC dispatching tool could help your business tremendously as you grow … or harm your customer service reputation forever. Knowing how to implement and personalize that experience for customers is the key to a successful HVAC dispatching tool.

So how do you manage calls? Here are a few suggestions on how to get started:

  • Hire the right staff (and have a backup for the busy seasons): The most successful people in dispatching are highly organized, quick thinkers, and personable. They’ll be able to determine urgencies and get the right technicians to the right sites.
  • Choose a tool that intuitively schedules the most efficient and flexible time possible: Obviously, you can’t be in the office all the time. This is when an automated system comes in handy. If you offer 24-hour emergency service, be sure to have a quick response system beyond your automatic dispatching tool. A human must always be in the front line of the problem; the automated tool is just a liaison.
  • Sales lead tracking tool: To keep up with calls for the sales team, be sure to have a lead tracking tool to manage all points of contact.
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