HVAC training aids that cut time

HVAC training aids are especially helpful for the time-crunched contractor and business owner. Here, I recommend five tools that have helped our dealers incorporate HVAC training into their “everyday”:

  • Online learning. The younger generations learn better with webinars and videos on e-learning courses. Consider adding these teaching methods to your HVAC training mix.
  • Learning Management System. A Learning Management System allows managers overseeing training to easily pull progress reports and assign courses — instead of hunting down paper reports.
  • Books for philosophy. In an earlier post, I recommended 5 books every contractor needs. These are great springboards for your business philosophy and will aid you in teaching it to your employees.
  • Keep products in stock. Want to refresh the technical staff on product training? Keep your top makes and models in stock for HVAC training purposes.
  • Keep incentives on-hand. When an employee does a particularly stellar job, reward him or her. Whatever that means for your company — cash, extra vacation time — keep it around.


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